Zebex Z-3100PS2 Long Range PS2 CCD Black Scanner



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Z-3100 is the upgraded version of ZEBEX middle-range handheld CCD scanner with faster scan rate, longer scanning depth and better decoding ability.
– At a superior rate of 330 scans per second, ZEBEX proprietary Ultrascan hardware decoding technology empowers Z-3100 to decode the majority of 1D barcodes as well as GS1 DataBar.
– It has working range up to 300 mm and is able to decode a barcode wider than 102 mm.
– Proprietary Ultrascan decoding technology
– Streamline design and Large trigger for effortless operation
– 32-bit micro processor unit
– Analog image capture technology
– Support presentation scan mode
– 0 – 100,000 Lux light immunity
– Captures barcodes on mobile phone, tablet, or computer screens


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