VIVOTEK Vivocam 10 Port PoE Switch, Layer 2, Managed, 130W



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The VivoCam PoE switch is the world’s first PoE switch with IP surveillance management functions. This switch is not only a standard L3 PoE switch, but also able to set up and configure VIVOTEK IP cameras, NVR and CMS. The VivoCam PoE switch allows users to find all VIVOTEK devices and deploy a surveillance network system automatically.

It also features Graphic Monitoring, such as Topology/Map view for controlling and understanding network structure and device situation, and Google Map integration to view system situation status for outdoor applications. It not only features surveillance network environment set up functions, but troubleshooting and traffic monitoring functions also help users to clarify and troubleshoot any connection or device issue. In addition, users can also back up their IP camera configuration files, and batch re-boot/re-store camera device through the VivoCam PoE switch. With all of these features and more, VivoCam is the best PoE solution to install and manage your VIVOTEK devices.


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