Vision 200Ah 12V Deep Cycle AGM Battery 12V Z series (6FM200Z-X)


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Vision 200 Ah 12V Deep Cycle AGM Battery ( eXtra Heavy Duty 6FM200Z-X )
UPS , Telecom Systems, Solar Systems, Marine Equipment, Emergency Power System
Design life: 10 Years.
Valve-Regulated Lead Acid Battery – VRLA
Fully Sealed Battery
Higher Operating Temp’s – So overcharge friendly
Special one-way valves allow the gases to escape thus avoiding excessive pressure build-up.
The battery is completely sealed and is, therefore, maintenance-free, leak proof and usable in any position.
Max. Discharge Current @ 25 C –  1000 A  ( 5 s ).
Short Circuit Current: 3300 A – Max Current.
Internal Resistance (Fully Charged battery @ 25°C): 4.0 mOhms
Maximum charging current: 60 Amp
Length (mm): 522.
Width (mm):  238.
Height (mm) :  218.
Total Height (mm) :  223.
Approx. Weight of 62.5 Kg
International standards, such as IEC60896-21/22, BS6290-4, Eurobat Guide.

Discharge   20~60oC
Charge  -10~60oC
Storage  -20~60oC