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With the continuous widespread adoption of 10GbE solutions in the workplace for NAS users, Thecus has continued in its quest to provide its users with top-tier network technology. The C10GI540T2 network interface card (NIC) offers advanced technology for increasing system performance and maximizing end-user productivity.
This NIC is low profile and half-length which is a stark difference to the majority of other NICs on the market which are full-length. It delivers high compatibility with maximum speeds through dual 10GBASE-T Ethernet RJ-45 connectors.
The C10GI540T2 is expertly designed to increase connectivity with a small footprint. With lower cost and power, it provides the perfect solution to equip your business with 10GbE capability. This NIC is a game changer for businesses that require high-speed backup and data transfer for an ever-growing amount of data, further bolstering Thecus’s ethos of ’empowering professionals’


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