Mecer Inverter 2400VA 1800W 24V – MPPT Lithium and Lead Acid Battery Controller

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Mecer 2400VA 1800W 24V MPPT Inverter


  • 2.4 Kw surge power – 1.8 Kw Continuous Supply
  • Built-in 55 A MPPT Controller
  • Lithium and Lead Acid Battery MPPT Controller
  • Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 100 V
  •  Simulated Sine Wave
  • Unit mounted vertically
  • AC Charging Current – 10 A or 25 A
  • LED indicators for source , charge State
  • Buzzer for low Battery power
  • LCD Display for –  Input voltage, Input frequency , PV voltage, Charging current , Battery voltage
  • User Settings for Max, Bulk and Float charge Voltage in 0.1 volt steps
  • Low Voltage settings
  • Solar , Battery or Eskom priority level settings


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