Ezviz, Internet Alarm Starter Kit, WIFI – BS-113A



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Built-in Wi-Fi (central unit A1)

  • Alarm Kit contains an Alarm Hub, a Remote Control, PIR Motion Detector (pet immune up to 25kg) and open-close Detector (for windows or doors)
  • All the elements of the kit are ready to go.
  • Simply scan the QR code on the Alarm Hub, follow the voice prompts and you are all set.
  • You can integrate any EZVIZ Wi-Fi camera into the Alarm Kit, when triggered your EZVIZ Wi-Fi camera will capture the video footage.
  • EZVIZ secure cloud access
    Notification alert direct to phone ,Wireless sensors and accessories
    Up to 32 wireless device Connects with EZVIZ
    Secures 12 m x 12 m area
    Does not react to domestic animals less than 25 kg Indoors
    Battery up to 2a (CR123A)
    Requires a separate power supply (adapter included) Volume 85dB (from 3m)
    Main Hub: 5V, 3W, Works on 868 MHz Frequency